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About us

We, at DineTonite, are on a mission to change the interactive relationship between restaurants and their guests for the better. Since the late 18th century, when the restaurant business was founded in America, restaurateurs and guests have had decidedly different interests; restaurants want high occupancy and patronage with large profit margins, and guests want the best food and service at an affordable price. Finally, after more than 200 years, DineTonite has solved this dilemma. By providing guests with unlimited savings on their entire checks everyday at their favorite and city’s most revered restaurants, we can assure our vast network of acclaimed restaurant partners substantially increased occupancy and profit margins through larger party sizes that eat and drink more.

How is DineTonite different from collective buying, daily deal, and gift certificate websites?

We provide our members with unlimited savings, not just $10, $20, or $50 worth of savings. Since our savings our based on the entire check, our members decide how much money they will save with the size of their party and how much food and drink they consume. Therefore, not only the more the merrier, but the more you save. In addition, our members have no limit on the amount of times they can book or rebook with our restaurant partners. You can book as often as you like with DineTonite. Finally, there are no delays or waiting periods to reap your savings. Simply book with the restaurant of your choice and Dine Tonite.